Man United Complete Theme for PC coming soon…

The Official Manchester United theme of the season will be release at the beginning of next month October on Menthem Online. Ranging from Desktop Background, Cursor, to start menu button… all UNITED!


The Manchester United theme of the season is going to consist of the following characteristics;


  • It will have the normal traditional RED windows color which is the team’s official color.
  • It will consist of a wide variety of the team’s photos and Wallpapers to be displayed in slide shows of the desktop background.
  • It will contain a complete mouse Cursor pack for every function customized with the team’s logo.
  • It will also be configured with its own sound such as the login and log out sound and some other sounds.
  • It will finally have its start Menu button  (Which works mostly with Windows 7 64Bit PCs), with a guide given on how to install it.


  • It just needs an Operating system of Windows 7+ (Meaning it works on Windows 7, 8, 10, and above if any).

Additional Interest

After this theme, other theme of other teams or categories will be made available with similar features. Most will be displayed, and some will be placed on demand.

NB: The Manchester United theme was announced specially by Menthem because the Administrator is of Manchester United fan-hood. But this does not change the fact that other themes of other categories will be made available by Menthem Online.


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